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DPM Success helps Podiatrists maximize their career potential

We are a specialty consulting firm that helps podiatrists identify, analyze, and execute
the most promising professional opportunities at every stage of your career

Podiatry Associate Positions

Taking the Right Job

When applying for an associate position, the biggest contract questions for many candidates revolve around salary and bonus. Did you know that there are other important contract elements that should also be reviewed before signing?

Buy a Medical Practice

Purchasing a Practice

Purchasing a practice can be an overwhelming and daunting task due to the overload of business documents that you will receive. Did you know that determining the value of a practice is the most important step in the acquisition process?

Start a Medical Practice

Starting a Practice

Starting a practice from the ground up can be a risky venture that requires confidence, strategy, and extensive planning. Did you know that your specific location can lead to a potential gain or loss in thousands of dollars a year?

Increase Your Profits

Increasing Your Profits

After practicing for a few years, you may notice that your income has stalled or plateaued. Did you know that having someone analyze your billing practices or even purchasing one new piece of equipment can lead to increased profit?

Dr. Justin Lewis, Podiatrist and Consultant

Dr. Lewis can help you realize your full potential for success. By leveraging his personal experiences and insights, he guides and mentors podiatrists in all aspects of business and medicine. His client-centered approach and structured analysis has delivered positive results for podiatrists nationwide.

In addition to being the owner and founder of DPM Success, Dr. Lewis is the co-owner of Freedom Foot and Ankle, a multi-office practice in Maryland. He is the Chief of Podiatry at Carroll Hospital Center and Chief Medical Director of Carroll Foot & Ankle Surgery Center. He is also the official podiatrist of the Baltimore Ballet and serves on the Executive Committee of the Maryland Podiatric Medical Association. Dr. Lewis received his DPM degree, as well as two Master’s degrees, from Barry University. He is a graduate of Florida State University.

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